Our Mission

Catalyst Oilfield Services was founded in order to focus on providing unprecedented service and technology to the Permian Basin, Barnett Shale, Cotton Valley/Haynesville, Eagle Ford and surrounding markets. The oilfield chemical industry has many specialized chemistries all of which are readily available. The distinguishing component of any successful service company is SERVICE. Catalyst Oilfield Services focuses on hiring the best people in the industry and providing them with the equipment, support (technical and managerial) and attitude so that the customer is provided with superior service.

Our Goals

  • Provide practical technology to solve operator problems
  • Information Systems
  • Truck treating innovations
  • Local technical expertise


Catalyst supports all of our operations with our company owned distribution fleet. We have our own treating trucks, field delivery trucks and 18 wheeler trucks (flat beds and tankers). This gives us complete control and flexibility to meet our customer needs.


Reliability means the right product for the right application that is consistently manufactured and delivered to the field.

Product Development

Catalyst has an extensive R&D staff to provide products specific for the application. Since we are a full spectrum chemical provider, we understand the impact of chemistries on drilling, stimulation and production.