Chemical Delivered -- When and Where You Need It.


Reliability means the right product for the right application that is consistently manufactured and delivered to the field.

Jacam Catalyst supports all of our operations with our company-owned distribution fleet. We have our own treating trucks, field delivery trucks and 18-wheeler trucks (flat beds and tankers). This gives us complete control and flexibility to meet our customers’ needs.


Over-the-Road Transportation

Our customers can expect reliable and timely product delivery and chemical treatments. Because we own and operate our fleet of over-the-road semi trucks, Jacam Catalyst can transport product daily from our plants and blending facilities to our more than 50 warehouses across the U.S.

Treating & Delivery Trucks

Jacam Catalyst also owns and operates 130 delivery and 113 treating vehicles. Our treater trucks are customized with equipment that allows us to administer our patented products SuperCorrĀ® and System SaverĀ® Pellets directly to your wells, while our delivery trucks transport drums and totes of chemical from our warehouses directly to your well sites.

Having our own fleet of delivery and service vehicles enables us to prioritize deliveries and service to meet the needs of our customers without having to factor in third-party scheduling. Our fleet is quite expansive and continues to grow as customer needs evolve.

Our current fleet consists of:

  • Tankers
  • Tractor trailers
  • Hi-boys
  • Fluid tankers
  • Tridem trailers
  • Acid tankers
  • Pressure trucks
  • Treater trucks
  • Batch trucks
  • Delivery and service trucks